Investing In Gold

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The global economy has never been more uncertain and unstable. Every day on the news there is talk about the Euro collapsing, bailouts, and unemployment. People are taking to the street in protest of the situation, many feel helpless as they watch economies continue to spin. Even as the U.S. economy began to gain ground, it was impacted by European economies that have continued to fail. There are too many factors at play and too many uncertainties. People all over the globe are searching for ways to protect themselves financially, in the long term. There is no room for quick fixes any longer and many people are scared.

What is there to invest in, which isn’t drastically influenced by crooked CEOs and unaccountable corporations? Many people have turned to gold in the past few years. Gold has many unique traits that make it ideal for investment and a safe investment. Because of its value and the way we treat gold, it is rarely destroyed. What this means, is that after gold enters the market and is sold, there is potential for it to return to the market at any given moment. As compared to, say, oil. Once the oil burns, it is gone. A gold ring might be sold to a young woman, and at some point, that gold ring can easily be sold again.

Consider also, that gold is valuable because we make it so. The price of gold per ounce has never depended on crazes, like the Dot Com craze. Gold has always been valuable to man. The supply of gold will not change, and demand for gold has always been present. This is not to say that gold is immune to price fluctuations. In the late 1980s, the gold market hit a high of about US$1417. It was unable to reach this point again until August of 2011 when it broke that record for a new high of US$1908. This demonstrates the ability of gold stocks to continually recover and grow.

There are many ways one can invest in gold. Two particularly popular options are to purchase either gold coins or gold bars. These provide the investor with a sense of security as their finances have a physical presence. However, there are more typical stocks and markets to invest in as well. Gold can provide that secure long-term investment.