Doug Ebenstein As A CEO [Falls Church, Virginia]

Doug Ebenstein As A CEO [Falls Church, Virginia]

Douglas Ebenstein is Chief Operating Officer (CEO) of two organizations: Capital Commercial Properties and the Eden Center. Capital Commercial Properties is a commercial real estate company committed to investing in long-term growth in real estate assets. The Eden Center is a Vietnamese American strip mall that caters to the Asian American population in Falls Church, Virginia. With over 120 shops and restaurants, it is considered the #1 tourist destination of Falls Church.

Early Years

Before becoming the CEO of Capital Commercial Properties and the Eden Center, Doug Ebenstein attended Brown University. He earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Economics.

While at Brown, Mr. Ebenstein became an accomplished tennis player. As a Junior and Senior at Brown, he was ranked first place at multiple competitions in both doubles and singles Tennis.

After Brown University, he competed as a professional tennis player. The best rank he obtained as a singles Tennis player was 300th place worldwide.

Doug Ebenstein maintains a connection to both Brown and the sport of Tennis. He hosts the men’s tennis team from Brown whenever they are in Florida. He also continues to compete as a senior tennis player.

After Brown and his stint of professional Tennis, he attended Duke University for his Juris Doctorate. Graduating with honors, he went directly to Capital Commercial Properties upon graduation.

Beginnings of Capital Commercial Properties

Capital Commercial Properties was founded by Doug’s father, Norman Ebenstein, in 1961. The first major property acquired by Capital Commercial Properties was the property upon which the Eden Center was built. The development property was first known as the Plaza Seven Shopping Center. It started as a small shopping center consisting of a 7-Eleven, a tire center, a shopping center, and a restaurant.

A sign with the name Eden was erected on the property, from which the shopping center later became known. Plaza Seven became a name of the past and the Eden Center became the official name. It grew from the four-store shopping center to the 120-plus shopping center it is today. Norman Ebenstein built both Capital Commercial Properties and the Eden Center with the idea that his own son would one day take over both, of which Douglas did.

Since becoming the CEO of Capital Commercial Properties, Douglas has added investment real estate properties in three different states to their portfolio. Sullivan Place Retail is located in Alexandria, Virginia. Stoneymill Square and Hillandale Shopping Center are both located in Maryland. The Bel Air Plaza Shopping Center is their latest addition, located in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

Additional Information

Douglas is a devout Jew and member of the B’nai Israel congregation. The teachings of the congregation might be termed as conservative, as they are strong supporters of traditional values, as well as a strong American-Israel alliance. B’nai Israel sends a delegation to Aipac every year to support the American-Israel relationship.

Though not open about his political feelings or affiliations in any manner, Douglas Ebenstein has claimed to be a Conservative Republican. Furthermore, he donates regularly to the Morgan Pressel Foundation. The Morgan Pressel Foundation is a non-profit organization that funds cancer research, particularly breast cancer research.

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