Doug Ebenstein As A CEO [Falls Church, Virginia]

Doug Ebenstein As A CEO [Falls Church, Virginia]

Douglas Ebenstein is Chief Operating Officer (CEO) of two organizations: Capital Commercial Properties and the Eden Center. Capital Commercial Properties is a commercial real estate company committed to investing in long-term growth in real estate assets. The Eden Center is a Vietnamese American strip mall that caters to the Asian American population in Falls Church, Virginia. With over 120 shops and restaurants, it is considered the #1 tourist destination of Falls Church.

Early Years

Before becoming the CEO of Capital Commercial Properties and the Eden Center, Doug Ebenstein attended Brown University. He earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Economics.

While at Brown, Mr. Ebenstein became an accomplished tennis player. As a Junior and Senior at Brown, he was ranked first place at multiple competitions in both doubles and singles Tennis.

After Brown University, he competed as a professional tennis player. The best rank he obtained as a singles Tennis player was 300th place worldwide.

Doug Ebenstein maintains a connection to both Brown and the sport of Tennis. He hosts the men’s tennis team from Brown whenever they are in Florida. He also continues to compete as a senior tennis player.

After Brown and his stint of professional Tennis, he attended Duke University for his Juris Doctorate. Graduating with honors, he went directly to Capital Commercial Properties upon graduation.

Beginnings of Capital Commercial Properties

Capital Commercial Properties was founded by Doug’s father, Norman Ebenstein, in 1961. The first major property acquired by Capital Commercial Properties was the property upon which the Eden Center was built. The development property was first known as the Plaza Seven Shopping Center. It started as a small shopping center consisting of a 7-Eleven, a tire center, a shopping center, and a restaurant.

A sign with the name Eden was erected on the property, from which the shopping center later became known. Plaza Seven became a name of the past and the Eden Center became the official name. It grew from the four-store shopping center to the 120-plus shopping center it is today. Norman Ebenstein built both Capital Commercial Properties and the Eden Center with the idea that his own son would one day take over both, of which Douglas did.

Since becoming the CEO of Capital Commercial Properties, Douglas has added investment real estate properties in three different states to their portfolio. Sullivan Place Retail is located in Alexandria, Virginia. Stoneymill Square and Hillandale Shopping Center are both located in Maryland. The Bel Air Plaza Shopping Center is their latest addition, located in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

Additional Information

Douglas is a devout Jew and member of the B’nai Israel congregation. The teachings of the congregation might be termed as conservative, as they are strong supporters of traditional values, as well as a strong American-Israel alliance. B’nai Israel sends a delegation to Aipac every year to support the American-Israel relationship.

Though not open about his political feelings or affiliations in any manner, Douglas Ebenstein has claimed to be a Conservative Republican. Furthermore, he donates regularly to the Morgan Pressel Foundation. The Morgan Pressel Foundation is a non-profit organization that funds cancer research, particularly breast cancer research.

Today’s Market in Media ( Postcards )

By Green Genie SEO.  A Toronto search engine optimization company


In today’s tough market, business owners have to be extra creative and imaginative with their marketing materials in order to draw in customers and get them to buy. With more and more customers getting picker in their purchases and businesses having shallower pockets, it becomes exceptionally important to promote more effectively. The sluggish economy adds up to the challenges in the market, so you need to come up with low-cost marketing options. There are several low-cost marketing ideas that can help your small business boost up sales and draw in cash while spending so little.

One great material to start with is postcards. If you are to be asked if you still use business postcards today, your most likely answer would be no. With email and social media now available, postcards have someone been thrown on the sideline. So the question most business owners ask is whether postcards are still the best tactic to use in reaching out to customers.

To businesses that have been using postcards and seeing results, thereís no reason to stop using these cards. This only means that you have uncovered the best tactic to make the cards work for your business. But you still need to continuously improve your cards to ensure your presence in the market. If you hope to grow your business, then improvement is necessary but not to the point of spending a fortune just to give your cards a makeover.

The great thing with postcard marketing is that you can use it in tandem to online marketing. If you have a web site and you are active on social media, you can include your web site and your social media accounts in your cards. This way, people have a way of knowing about your online presence.

The best thing you can do is divide your marketing budget between online and off-line marketing. You can continue creating postcards to send to customers who donít use the Internet or those who donít know yet of your online presence. It is also important that you ensure your web site is attractive and information enough so people will be encouraged to check it out time and time again.

This will let you get the best of both worlds. You get to take advantage of both traditional and modern marketing techniques. Still, it is important that you keep your cards well designed and send them consistently. You canít expect everyone to take one look at your card and take action at once. People need to leave several exposures to your cards before they will make an action.

Make sure to offer interesting promos and product or services to guarantee that people will be interested in your business. Even if your cards are exceptions but your offer or products are not, people wonít still give you the time of the day. Tell people you are exceptional and they will try to verify this claim themselves.

Make a solid online and offline presence and you can be sure to reach out to your target customers effectively. Use your postcard printing to develop interest and get the results you desire.

SEO tips for bloggers: 7 points to respect

When you start working with your online diary you have a goal: to get good results . This means finding new customers, earning money, turning your passion into a job. All through writing, but also thanks to SEO.

It is not enough to publish to get good results. The inbound marketing process is clear on this point. To attract potential customers on landing pages you need three basic ingredients: social media marketing, publication of useful content for the reader and SEO optimization .

In this way you can choose interesting topics, you can analyze the queries and find out what the contacts that interest you want. And to improve your articles , define the essential steps in terms of SEO copywriting to make writing meet the needs of people and search engines.

Sounds difficult, right? Fault of a dated vision of the concept of writing oriented to search engine optimization. Do you remember those texts full of keywords? They were bad, hard to read and often lacking information . Better to focus on more interesting aspects: here are 8 SEO tips for bloggers that you should follow right away.t the base of blogging there is a thorough knowledge of the topic you want to address, and this knowledge is outlined thanks to the editorial plan . Here is the mind map that explores the branches of your world, and allows you to organize the most important titles for your project on the editorial calendar .

Useful list: the best plugins for doing SEO with WordPress

Forget the number of keywords
A point that ignites the conflicts of the SEO community: should I add the keyword to get good results? I advise you this: identify a focus, focus on the topic and a concept that interests you. But forget about barriers and limits: there is no minimum or maximum number of keywords to enter. And that’s why WordPress SEO by Yoast is always viewed with suspicion by experts.

The number of keywords in the text is irrelevant if you address the topic in a way that answers the reader’s questions . I’ll tell you more: the key words to insert to have good results are those essential to describe the topic in the best possible way. Without forcing writing, giving readers a pleasant work to read.

Do I have to use synonyms to make Google understand what the topic is? To the extent that they help you make an article without unnecessary redundancy. Do you want real advice from SEO copywriters ? Write as simply as possible, prefer common forms and simple terms. Like those that people use when they search and write on Google.

Optimize images
It takes just a few steps to optimize the SEO images . Name the file with words useful to describe the content, enter the most important keyword in the alternative field, use a title attribute to learn more. Now you have to go beyond the rules and define this step: how can I use the images to complete the article and give the right answers to the readers? Creating the best possible content, this is the goal when you publish a post.

Pay attention to the title tag
Clear the topic of the keywords? Identify your goals, organize the contents with the mind map, choose the topic to be addressed and write the texts in the simplest way possible. Not trivial, simple. In this process, however, pay attention to the title tag . This is an essential point to present your content in the serp .

SEO tips for bloggers

The title meta tag is the title called in the snippet, and is the most important element to communicate to Google the topic addressed on the page. It is decisive in terms of positioning for search engines, here are some basic rules for its optimization:

Pay attention to the length, stop at around 60 – 65 bars.
If possible put the most important keyword at the beginning of the title tag.
Don’t just focus on keywords, you need to capture the reader’s attention.
This is the step: the title tag must be valid for search engines and capable of attracting the eye of one who chooses a resource instead of another in the serp. Without forgetting the social media. The meta tags, in fact, are recalled by the previews of the links on Facebook , Google Plus and Twitter.

To read: how to optimize the title tag to do SEO

Choose a good description
The same goes for the meta description . It is not indexed by Google, but this string affects readers’ choices. With a good job of copying it can contain competitive advantages that redefine the click through rate . This means more visits, with all its advantages. Never ignore the strength of a description with a call to action or a benefit

Upload the sitemap to the Search Console
One of the most important SEO tips for those who start blogging? You have to suggest a content index to Google : the sitemap, a list to understand what you’ve published. This step is also suggested in the Google SEO guide. Here is an interesting passage:

35 tips to optimize and position your website in search engines

Incoming links from sites with high page rank have a very high value. A high page rank indicates an extremely reliable and credible site, so the back links coming from the same “are worth many points”.
If you really need to use javascript for your drop-down menus, image maps and ajax functions, make sure you include equivalent text links within the pages. In this way also the search engines will be able to “read” and index your site.
Make sure that the links to your site always point to the same type of address : or and always use the same one. You can also ask your webmaster to enable the redirect (with code 301) to the type of url chosen.
Links from .edu and .gov domains are considered important by search engines. Search for sites with such features that may be interested (even for a fee) in inserting a link to your site
The fastest way to be included in the Google index (to be indexed) is to have a back link from an authoritative site (and therefore already indexed with good results). If you can’t do it, all you have to do is signal the site to Google in the classic way or add it via Webmaster Tools (using the View as Google function and then sending the pages to the index after Retrieving the homepage)
Ask the most influential bloggers and follow them if they are willing to link your site, an image, a video …
The extension of your files does not matter. Use .html, .htm, .php, .asp, etc.
Always use titles and alt (alternative content) for images by entering text that contains key words or phrases
Use sensible file names and hyphens to separate words . Often the traffic that can come from image search is underestimated. Ex. Castles-of-sabbia.jpg is better than castellidi_sabbia.jpg or HPMI00254.JPG
The page rank is not everything. A site with low page rank may appear higher than one with a higher page rank if its content is considered more interesting
If you decide to buy a link on a page, consider its reputation first. A good “trick” to understand this is to look at the version in the google cache (you can directly search for ” cache: “). The more recent the cached version is, it means that Google has recently passed. If the date is older than a month it is better to go further.
Always up to date and new content helps improve your position and reputation in the eyes of search engines. If you plan to write a long article, then keep quiet for weeks … well, better divide it into 3 short articles and publish them after some time (2-3 days). If your site is mainly static, consider opening a blog on the site .
You have decided to create your new website. Think of search engines before being covered up in a funambolic flash site. Search engines know how to “read” text , not images and flash movies. In this regard we also wrote an in-depth article: The disadvantages of a flash site
The best thing is that search engines ( crawlers in particular) find and index pages naturally. In this case a good site navigation is more efficient than a site map (XML sitemap)
Make sure that the internal and external links use the key words or phrases for which you want to be found. If you are trying to optimize the “anchor text” key, then your links will have to be on that sentence and not on “Click Here”. Also diversify the text of the links so as not to incur penalties (straw hats, see our hats, straw hats collection, etc.).
Make sure you have a single word or key phrase to focus on on every single page. The title field (TITLE) of the page should always be different and in accordance with the chosen keyword. If you really have to enter the name of your business, do it at the end .
Don’t try to optimize a page for several keywords at a time.
Search engines love unique and quality content . Make sure your parents have both these characteristics.
Modern search engines “are intelligent and understand” natural language. It is therefore useless to write pages full of meaningless keywords. Search engines count word frequency and if it is too high you are at risk of penalties
Use the words ” image / s ” or ” photo ” in the alternative content (ALT) of your images. Users often associate them with their search , for example: “photo dogs”, “white horse image”
We have also recently included this blog (and we invite you to use them!). Add viral tools to your pages : sharing buttons, visitor comments, ratings, etc. that can give rise to the so-called “virtual word of mouth” or more technical “ viral marketing ” thermals
Use a RSS Feed and report it to sites that aggregate content from RSS feeds.
When you try to increase the number of incoming links to your site ( Link Building ), think about quality, not quantity . A link from a high reputation site can be worth more than a dozen poor quality links
Don’t be selfish . Also linked to other sites and blogs … you will encourage the respective webmasters / owners to link to you.
Make sure that the links containing your keywords are surrounded by descriptive text relevant to them. The same also applies to images and videos. Remember that search engines can only read text!
It is easier to optimize phrases ( long tail keywords ) than single keywords. It will be easier to get results for “Pizzeria a Venezia” than for “Pizzeria”. Both for the lower competition of the keywords, and because the users who are looking for it have a precise objective and are more likely to carry out the actions that interest you (eg request for quote, booking, etc.)
Always write the place where your business resides, not just on the “Where We Are” page. This will give you an advantage in localized searches .
When you optimize your blog articles … optimize the page title (TITLE) independently of the post title.
Optimizing and positioning a site is not a process that ends in a few hours or days. Consider it as a daily activity .
If you have a presentation, a promo or other video material … add it to YouTube, Vimeo, Google Video, etc. These will also appear in the search results, so why miss an opportunity?
If you still have a site made with FRAMES … don’t wait an extra minute, change it! The frames in fact do not allow the direct link to the pages and you risk that only the menu of your site is indexed.
Understanding the evolution of the web is part of the job. To date, social networks (Digg, , Facebook , LinkedIn, Google Plus, etc.) are increasingly present and influential in search results. Learn to use them to your advantage.
Write something that can be talked about and debate … the links will come on their own.
If you really need to have an INTRO (splash screen) page in Flash or in a single image, make sure there are textual navigation links to enter the site. Did you know that the ” Skip Intro ” button is the second most clicked on the web after the “Back” button on the browser?
If your site is hosted on a server shared with other sites, make sure it does not appear on the blacklist . This could damage your reputation.
And here we are at the end … the last and fundamental point, which summarizes the above in 4 words and represents, in our opinion, the “secret” for a successful site. We want to write it big:

SEO marketing 101

The most obvious features of the best-customized directory submission service can be seen in its affordable nature and also in the fact that it is tailor-made. When you seek personalized directory submission services, you get to have the available packages made to accommodate the requirements that you may have in mind. Furthermore, you also get to have a directory submission that suits your niche industry.

The first feature of high-quality directory submissions is the simple, effective and affordable SEO directory submission services packages. The services are straightforward in the way that they are conducted and the ease in which you will be able to see the results. Most of the high PR directory submissions are done by hand. The simplicity of making manual directory submissions increases your chance of getting all the submissions approved by the specific directories. The manual directory submissions services are known to work effectively. This is because most automated submissions have been rejected time and time again.

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The second feature presented by a customized submission service is the use of a right combination of methods to ensure your site\’s success. Each business is different from the other. Therefore, manual directory needs will also vary. This is why there is often a need to have tailor-made features incorporated in the kind of high PR directory submission service you have in mind.

It is important to note that although the submission service will come with various packages, you still have the ability to ask for a partially or fully customized service. The in-part customized service is one that makes use of the elements offered by the package but also makes use of additional requirements you have made. In the case of the fully tailor-made packages, this is the SEO directory submission service that has been entirely made new as per your needs.

The other quality to expect from customized high PR directory submissions services is the ability to save on costs. It is easy to believe that all customized services are very expensive. In most cases, they often are. However, you get to save a lot on future expenses when you get high-quality services. Although you may have to pay more to have a high PR directory submission, you can be assured of an effective service at all times. Additionally, it is through the manual directory submission that your site will increase its reach on the online market and also popularize the services offered by the site.

Most of the SEO services recognize that each customer usually has individual business requirements. For this reason, when you sign up for customized service, you get an effective manual submission service. In addition to the tailor-made service, you have an opportunity to get quality services that will guarantee you some level of success at improving the visibility of your site online.